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Hello everyone! Here is the link to my site: Isebelle's Portfolio. 


  1. Hi Isabelle! I enjoyed reading your story of Rama's Lament. One aspect I wish that both Indian Epics had was insight into the personal thoughts of the characters, and so I really enjoyed being able to see some of Rama's thoughts. One thing though that I might add or change was having Rama speaking in the first person perspective. I think this would add to the personal focus of the story and help the reader understand his sadness more. For example, I would love to hear more internal dialogue inside of Rama's mind. Also perhaps explaining where Lakshmana is could help the reader also get more of an idea how lonely Rama is. Since the focus is on his loneliness and being away from Sita, I think this would help with the main idea. Finally I think adding an intro to the portfolio would help the reader understand what is to come with your portfolio! Overall, I really enjoyed reading your story and will look forward to reading your next ones!

  2. Isabelle,

    I read your "Rama's Lament" post on your project. I agree with Neal when he says that the Indian epics don't really go into detail about peoples' perspective on the situations dealt to them. I felt like your post was really well written. It really puts it into perspective how much trouble Rama went through in the epic. I couldn't imagine having your wife kidnapped from you and taken away for a long time. It's just sad that even though they got back together, she was forced to be exiled because the people didn't believe that she was still pure. Your authors note explained a lot of the feelings that you were trying to convey. The image that you chose for the banner adds to the emotional background of the story as well. I look forward to seeing more or your stories and how you decide to develop the characters in them.

  3. Hello Isabelle, I believe you did a fantastic job of showing the idea of tragic love and how strong of a connection love can truly build. I would recommend using some dialogue between characters to show more depth into the analysis of characters. The story shows dramatic tension, which helps pull the attention of the audience. I also like the mysterious environment you built for your page with the full moon picture. Overall I believe you did a great job. I would recommend that you analyze further into the plot and create a bigger connection between characters. This will really help you showcase tougher emotions such as love much easier. I really like the formatting of your page, it is really easy to navigate and it is very well organized. I hope you get the chance to gain more insight into your plot, thus making your revision process much simpler.

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  5. Hello Isablle!
    You did an amazing job in your project! I like the layout of your portfolio! Every banner picture suited the page and theme! I personally enjoyed reading your story, Rama's Lament. I thought it was such a great and creative idea to show that part of the story after his exile and the emotions, pain, and confusion he must have felt at that tragic part of his life. You are really such a great writer because you conveyed his hurt and also his great love for sita so well!You also did a great job keeping the reader’s attention and keeping the dark tone that helped enage the reader further into the story. I really enjoyed this story because it shows the reader the vulnerability in Rama that wasn't quite seen in the original. I really have no suggestions! I look forward to reading your other stories! Have a great week!


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