Famous Last Words: The Rant

Wow what a long week.  As if my work and school load wasn't enough this week and month, September is jam packed with birthdays.  Of course this point in my life, al my friends' birthdays are significant and I, as a good friend should, have to go above and beyond.  2 of my friends are turning 21, 3 of them are turning 23 (JORDAN YEAR), and there are several relatives with birthdays in this month as well.  So now, not only my grades are low but my bank account balance has also been going down. SIGH.  I know this is supposed to be somewhat of a 'note' on how i'm doing so far, but this post is and will end up more like a rant.  Since the ball is already rolling, I might as well complain about work too.  This week, I have worked over 30 hours already and it's supposed to be a part-time job.  The hours I have to work can also be very draining especially when it can get so busy, there's hardly time to take a lunch break.  I worked the longest shift I ever had thi…

Growth Mindset: BEST

BEST.BelieveEverythingStarts TodayTo be the best at something it takes time, work, persistence, dedication, passion, and many other qualities.  While the road to becoming the best may seem long and far away, BELIEVING that EVERYTHING STARTS TODAY is just the first step.  If you keep procrastinating and putting off tasks or goals, then you will never cross that finish line.  But by believing in yourself, and choosing to do something everyday, you will get closer to achieving your dreams sooner than you realize.  Even if it's just a small step, moving forward is far better than staying in place.  So, please believe that everything starts today and make each day count. Live your BEST life and do the most you can with the time you have.  

Uploaded picture of my acronym, I decided to draw it out and keep it near my desk to always motivate myself :)

Wikipedia Trail: From Broken Arrow To Radiation Burn

The other day, one of my new coworkers asked where I was from and I told them I went to high school in Broken Arrow.  They proceeded to ask "isn't that the term used to describe lost nuclear warheads?" Never in my life had I heard that before, but it interested me so I decided to check it out.  So without further ado, lets begin From...Broken Arrow- Term indicating an accidental event involving nuclear weapons, warheads, or components that does not create risk of nuclear war.Ex: radioactive contamination, accidental/unexplained nuclear detonation, loss of nuclear weapon, etc.
Nuclear and Radiation Accidents and Incidents- an example of a 'broken arrow' included radioactive contamination.  It looked interesting and if anything the site may inform me on how to avoid or stay safe in these conditions and that's never a bad thing to know so I thought why not.  - the site showed a lot of historical events that had already happened and the overall effects of the inc…

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Reading Notes: Ramayana Part D

67.  Ravana's Lament    - Donald A Mackenzie 'Indian Myth & Legend' (1913)72.  Mandodari's Lament    - Romesh Dutt 'The Epic of Rama, Prince of India' (1899)
 76.  Rama and Bharata    - Donald A Mackenzie 'Indian Myth & Legend' (1913)
My reading notes - Ramayana Part D

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part C

The three stories that are at the bottom of my written notes are the three that I found most interesting during this reading.  I have written some short few notes that remind me how I could start to form a story using the three from the Ramayana as inspiration. My reading notes - Ramayana Part C

44.  Vali's Death    - Romesh Dutt 'The Epic of Rama, Prince of India' (1899) 46.  The Rainy Season    - Romesh Dutt 'The Epic of Rama, Prince of India' (1899)
49.  Sampati and Jatayu    - Frederika Richardson Macdonald 'The Iliad of the East: The Ramayana' (1870)